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Forta Stud is a small-scale program that breeds Purebred Arabian horses for Racing & Endurance. We are based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Forta Stud

At Forta Stud we treasure the Arabian horse for its strength, soundness, stamina, grace, and personality. Our broodmares have diverse origins, including Crabbet, Egyptian, French, Polish, and Russian bloodlines.
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In choosing a stud name, I searched for a word that would resonate on many layers. Forta was selected because it is the name of a wonderful Polish mare that is a great grand dam to my foundation mare. The latin root to forta is fortis which means strong. A fort is also an architectural structure, and in Abu Dhabi forts were constructed very cleverly from coral, seashells, stones and mangrove wood. For all these reasons, Forta Stud became the clear answer.


Horse welfare is at the forefront of every decision. Continuous Improvement is what we strive for.
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